“Best MMA Production I have Seen Outside of the UFC” – Tyson Griffin UFC Veteran

“ShoFIGHT is a great show for Fans and Fighters, Good for the Sport of MMA.” – Jason Reinhardt UFC Vet

 “One of the Top Fight Promotions in the Midwest” –

Special Halloween Event

ShoFRIGHT Zombie Decapathon


“Join us at the Rowdy Beaver in Branson, Missouri on October 30th & 31st for the ShoFRIGHT Zombie Decapathon, an Outdoor Halloween Event sponsored by Ramada Inn, Coors Light, Macadoodles and No Remorse Apparel and featuring the Fighters of ShoFIGHT MMA.

Zombie Decapathon is a Full Contact Interactive Zombie Killing Event;

Choose Your Weapon. You have 6 minutes to Defeat the Zombie Horde. Stay Alive and Win, Or face Certain Death at the Hands of the Infected.

2 Armed Contestants Enter the Playing Field. Zombies Attack. Contestants use nerf bats to eliminate Zombies from play. Body shots only slow the Zombies. Head shots will be needed for the kill. Survive for 6 Minutes and Win.

Stick around for the Rowdy Beaver Halloween Celebration and Enjoy the Weigh in Event for ShoFRIGHT: Apocalypse MMA Fights o

n Halloween Night.

$20 per player All Ages Welcome First Horde at 7PM”



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‘ShoFRIGHT: Apocalypse’


ShoFIGHT & BRAWL INC combine to bring you a one-of-a-kind Halloween Event, ‘ShoFRIGHT: Apocalypse’ LIVE on Halloween Weekend in Branson, Missouri. Also available via iPPV at

Celebrate All Hallows Eve in Branson on 10/31 after the Official Weigh ins by exploring the local Haunted Houses and Ghost Tours with us and maybe experience a Few Surprises from ShoFIGHT as well.

Then on Saturday, November 1st, join us at the Radisson Hotel Branson for the Final MMA Event of 2014, “Apocalypse,’ complete with a No Remorse Apparel sponsored Haunted House free of charge for ticket purchasers. Tickets selling Now at